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Organic Seafood Seasoning

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                  TASTE this MAGIC!

This is a seasoning that is used for all things that are related to all things seafood. It can be crab, lobster, shrimp, or fish fillets. This can be used as a dry rub or mixed with oil for a powerful marinade.  Tasty on veggies too! This seasoning mixed with any type of oil makes a great salad dressing. The strong notes of bay leaves offers a powerful punch to any dish. Don't leave it just to seafood!


Free from preservatives

Made with all organic ingredients

Add oil and mix for a great marinade or salad dressing.


4 oz Glass Square Bottle

Made in California


Seafood Seasoning is a blend of organic smoked paprika, organic granulated garlic, organic granulated onion, organic thyme, organic celery seed, Himalayan pink salt, organic cumin, organic allspice, organic bay leaves, organic mace, organic black pepper, organic mustard seed, organic ginger, organic nutmeg.



Natural Settling May Occur.